Our Gear List

We have a large variety of instruments available at the school to aid in teaching. From drums to grand pianos, you have the opportunity to play on top quality instruments at the Music Retreat at Willow Creek.

Drum Workshop 8 piece Maple - Exotic Blue Spider Pine Finish

Drum Workshop 8 piece Maple - Exotic Blue Spider Pine Finish
18x22 Bass Drum , 7x8 Tom Tom | 8x10 Tom Tom | 9x12 Tom Tom | 11x14 Tom Tom | 13x16 Tom Tom , 8x22 Woofer , 5x14 Snare

Sabian and Zildjian, Main Hi Hat - 14 inch Zildjian Constantinoples, Remote Hi Hat - 12 inch Sabian AAX’s, Ride Cymbals - 20 inch Sabian HH Ride, 20 inch Zildjian Custom Hybrid Ride, 22 inch Zildjian Constantinople Flat Ride, Crash cymbals - 16 inch Sabian AA Fast Crash , 17 inch Sabian AAX Medium Crash, Splash Cymbals - 11 inch Zildjian K Hybrid Splash , 12 inch Sabian AAX Splash , 10 inch Zildjian A Splash , 12 inch Wuhan Splash , Swish Cymbal - 20 inch Sabian AA Metal-X Chinese , Pang Sizzle Cymbal - 20 inch Zildjian A , Alu Bell - 7 inch Sabian

Snare - Batter side - Evans Level 360 /ST dry , Snare side - Evans Level 360 /300 , Toms - Batters - Level 360 EC2’s , Resonants - Level 360 Resonants or G1’s , Bass Drums - Batter - Evans Level 360 Emad , Resonant - Evans Level 360 Emad Resonant

Pedals / Stands
Pearl Eliminator Double and Single Pedals , DW 9000 Single Pedal , Hi Hat Stands - Tama Iron Cobra Velo Glide , DW 9000Remote Hi Hat Pedal

Drum Workshop, Pearl, and Tama

For Rock/ Higher volume situations: Vic Firth Gavin Harrison Signature Models , Vic Firth Rod Morgenstein Signature Models , For Jazz Lower volume situations Big Band and Small Group

Vic Firth Buddy Rich Signature Models: Vic Firth Jack DeJohnette Signature ModelsBrushes: Regal Tip by Calato - Classic - 583R's , Innovative Percussion - BR-CW's (Chad Wackerman Paintbrush) 

Rods: Pro Mark Hot Rods , Symphonic Snare Sticks: Cooperman Nick Petrella's , Vic Firth SD1 General's , Vic Firth SD2 Boleros 

Drum Corp: Vic Firth Corpmasters - Various Signatures 

Mallets: Marimba , Mallet Tech (Leigh Howard Stevens) All modelsVibes , Musser (Good Vibes) 235's 

Tympani: Vic Firth - Various sizes and articulationsHeads on the Jazz Kit

Pianos: SL 990 Pro StudioLogic, Steinway Grand Piano, YAMAHA Grand Piano 

4 Piece Sonar Jungle Kit

Batters: 16x16 Bass Drum - Remo 16 inch Fibreskin2's , 8x10Tom Tom - Remo 10 inch Fibreskin 2's12x14 Floor Tom - Remo 14 inch Fibreskin 2'sResonants:16x16 Bass Drum - Remo 16 inch Fibreskin2's8x10Tom Tom - Remo 10 inch Evans G1's or Resonants12x14 Floor Tom - Remo 14 inch Evans G1's or Resonants

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