Ian Lee

Home Town:
San Marcos, TX
Performing Professionally:
5+ years
  • Violin
  • Guitar

Philosophy or Mission Statement :

"The words talent and ability are used in a broad sense and refer to one’s capacity to think, act, or feel in any given situation. Their use is not restricted to the artistic field but is also applied to personality traits. Thus we can refer to the fact that one has developed the ability to be argumentative, the ability to be personable, the talent for being considerate, or the talent for being happy.

Music is a profound force in life. It affects so many of us one way or another, even in what appear to be the simplest and smallest moments of our lives. My love for Music stretches back as long as I can remember. I cannot remember a time when I wasn't singing, tapping, or dreaming of sound. My philosophy is to make the world a better place through the Music I play and teach; of course, "making the world a better place" can mean many different things to different people. Therefore, all I can state from here is that I wish to bring more kindness, joy, light, love, laughter, and dancing to the world through Music, whether that is in the heart of a show or teaching another whose desire is to play. I guess it feels like a kind of service, not by force or for good credit, simply because I love it, and I wouldn't know what else to do without it. Thank you Music, and many thanks to YOU for taking the time to read this."