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Piano Lessons In Wimberly, TX
Learning something new at times can be scary, but can also be a very exciting and rewarding experience. Music Retreat at Willow Creek is the perfect place to start piano lessons in Wimberly, TX. Our music instructors are warm and polite and get to know each student on a personal level. We work with each individual to make lesson plans that suit the students favorite type of music and unique goals. Taking piano lessons in Wimberly, TX will help you set goals to achieve your musical aspirations whether you want to play jazz for your friends, be the life of the party, or are a beginner taking your first lesson.

Our Incredible Piano Instructors
We have two incredibly talented instructors who teach piano lessons in Wimberly, TX. Founder of Music Retreat at Willow Creek, Denise Wayne- Damron, and Curtis Brengle both of whom both have over twenty years of experience performing professionally. Denise graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor of Music Education, All-Level Certification, with the highest honors. Since 1980, she has taught piano, flute, and voice to students of all ages. Curtis has been playing ever since he was six years old, and for most of his life has been playing professionally. Learn more about our outstanding piano instructors and piano lessons in Wimberly, TX.

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Are you ready to sign up for piano lessons in Wimberly, TX? Music Retreat at Willow Creek is a fantastic place to start your journey! Our team is dedicated to helping others along their musical journey. To learn more information or to schedule piano lessons in Wimberly, TX, contact us at 512-529-242 or through email at either or Additionally, visit our website to learn more about Piano Lessons in Wimberly, TX.

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